If you like clowns this may change your mind. If you're someone who's afraid of clowns this will really freak you out.

A clown was captured on video by a passerby climbing the closed gates at a Chicago cemetery late at night. The clown even stopped to wave at the people filming him before wandering off in the darkness.

For the people filming the incident it was a disturbing sight. They're sure this clown is a living person since a ghost would have walked through the closed gate rather than climbing it.

What's even odder, is this isn't the first time clowns have visited cemeteries around the country. Some have even been seen wandering in broad daylight.

The reason behind this phenomenon is unclear as none of these 'ghost clowns' has ever been caught. Also, the clowns, unlike other intruders, are not known to have vandalized, stolen or left any evidence of criminal activity other than trespassing after hours.

Some say the behavior is disrespectful. On the other hand, if this is a way of paying respect to someone they know who liked clowns, it's an odd way to do it, but at least they are trying to give the deceased something they might enjoy.