Construction on the new I-70 toll lane continues to make progress in Colorado's high country.

Travelers on eastbound Interstate 70 will notice construction markers on quite a large stretch of the road, and the progress on the new toll lane is evident.

What Western Colorado motorists need to understand is that the toll lane is completely optional. It's not going to start costing  you money to get to Denver just for being on the road. Some people may have been confused about this.

Those that choose to use the toll lane will be charged anywhere from $3 to $30, depending on traffic. Instead of toll booths, transponders, purchased by motorists for $15, will be utilized to administer the tolls.

The toll lane will run over a 13-mile stretch of highway from Empire to the Veterans Memorial Tunnels, east of Idaho Springs. The lane will only be utilized 72 days out of the year - primarily weekends and holidays. On days when the lane is not in use, it will simply serve as a wide shoulder, and motorists are not allowed to be on it.

According to 9 News, the new lane is expected to be open by the end of the year.