Traveling the Interstate 70 Corridor between Grand Junction and Denver can be both death-defying and frustrating, but a new toll lane may help.

Driving I-70 is always a crap shoot regardless of the time of year or the weather. While weather can be a major factor, so can accidents and road construction that can lead to delays and slower drive times.

Eastbound travelers may experience a bit of a break once a new 13-mile toll lane is opened between Empire and the base of Floyd Hill, just east of Idaho Springs.

According to, the new toll road could be open by December and the beginning of the ski season. The single lane, which runs along the left shoulder of the highway will only be open during peak traffic periods, and, of course, motorists will have to pay to use it.

The toll could be as little as $3 during lighter traffic periods, and as much as $30 during peak traffic times.

Anyone who has experienced  eastbound Sunday evening traffic moving through Idaho Springs knows very well how congested traffic can be at that time. The toll lane should help - if people use it. The question is, will they?