Eating too much at any meal is not difficult, but eating too much on Thanksgiving just seems so much easier than falling off a log. So, if you are concerned about it, here are some tips on how not to eat too much on Thanksgiving.

I would guess there are quite a few people who don't really care whether or not they eat too much on Thanksgiving. They figure, 'it's one day, who cares, I'm going for it.'

But, there are others who want to show some restraint, even though it is a holiday. But, with all that food setting in front of you --and then the desserts to follow -it can be a real challenge. has provided some great tips to help us to not over indulge on the Thanksgiving meal.

1) Eat Breakfast - There is a real temptation to skip breakfast because we are thinking about how much food we are going to eat, but this strategy usually back fires. We end up being more hungry at dinner time and eat even more than we normally would have.

2) Drink Water Before You Sit Down to Eat - This is likely to make your stomach "feel" full, and you wont feel like eating as much. (Although I wonder if you are going to be hungry 2 hours after you eat..)

3) Fill Half Your Plate With Vegetables and Eat Them First - You will fill up on stuff that's good for you, and less likely to take an extra large heaping helping of mashed potatoes deluged with gravy.(This one isn't real practical for those of us who don't highly esteem vegetables. Eating extra vegetables just isn't all that appealing.)

4) Don't Treat it Like it's Your Last Meal on Earth - It may not be our last meal on Earth, but it IS the only Thanksgiving Day meal of the year, and we eat like it. But, don't. Chances are you will be having leftovers the next day, so there is no reason to act like it's a once a year meal.

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