Drinking coffee is a great American past time, but most of us who indulge on a daily basis have little idea how that cup of coffee affects the body in just one hour.

Now before you stop reading because you don't want a bunch of bad news that could prevent you from enjoying your morning cup of joe guilt-free- you should understand that all of the effects of coffee aren't bad.

For example, according to a report on Yahoo Health, after drinking coffee, the pupils of your eyes will dilate slightly, which could actually help you to see better.

Here's another benefit. After about 30 minutes, thanks to the caffeine you will feel more mentally alert. This can make your decision making and reaction time sharper, and can make you more productive.

Coffee can actually be a benefit to your teeth. Coffee contains chemicals that have been known to be effective in killing oral plaque and bacteria.

Caffeine can also trigger secretions in the stomach that can help you digest your food faster.

Now, for the bad news according to the report:

  • Your pulse and blood pressure will go up 10 - 15% after just 15 minutes of drinking coffee. A heart attack can be a risk if you have underlying health issues.
  • Your bowels and bladder will be stimulated, leading to an urge to go to the bathroom.
  • Your teeth can suffer if you are adding cream, sugar, and other flavored syrups.
  • Even if you drink your coffee black you may see a rise in cholesterol due to oil in the beans.

The debate continues on whether coffee is good for you, or hazardous to your health. This latest information seems to indicate it's a little bit of both, and, of course, that seems to be true for many different foods and beverages.

Like a lot of things in which we partake, common sense and moderation would seem to be the key. Go ahead and have that morning java, in fact, make it two. But, after that, switch to something else - like plain old water.

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