The first part of the Olathe Sweet corn survey asked how people eat sweet corn. I now have the results of part two, how you cook it.

Again, I took to our Facebook fan page and also personally polled people with the question, 'How do you cook Olathe Sweet corn?'

The results so far?

  1. Boiled - 61%
  2. Grilled/Roasted - 28%
  3. Steamed - 6%
  4. Microwave - 5%
  5. Raw/Uncooked - 0%

If you missed voting in either one of the surveys, no problem. Here's the second question again. Feel free to answer via Facebook or in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Likewise, if you missed the first survey question, "How Grand Junction Eats Olathe Sweet Corn," you can add your response in the comment section and see the preliminary results of the first part of the survey.

The final question from the survey will be posted tomorrow (August 16) and the complete updated results announced on Thursday (August 17).

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