National Nude Day has come and gone and how Y'all celebrated made me laugh so hard I almost peed, without pants. LOL ... just joking, bad visual.

Guh, I can't believe you thought I was serious. I'm not that gross.

But seriously, I don't know who comes up with some these crazy national days. Some are so freakin' funny. 

Most of you followed the "nude public rule ... no shirt, no pants, no shoes, no service."

Many celebrated the day fully clothed as they worked. Thank goodness.

I know I'm totally joking about this day but according to the information I've received from the National Calendar this day is taken very seriously with nudist groups around the world.

Eek, if I walked around in the nude, people would faint, just sayin'. The "all natural" look for me is a little much.

I will say though that since Grand Junction has been so hot lately that it is easy to celebrate this day but ALONE! Wink-wink.

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