These are three houses in Grand Junction on twenty acres or more. If you'll love your space, you'll love these houses in Grand Junction.

There's nothing like having some privacy. How about twenty or more acres of it? All of these houses in Grand Junction are on twenty acres or more -- like a lot more. Imagine having so much space that you can't even see your neighbors. It's like a dream come true.

64 Acres - $1,900,00

1048 23 Rd

This four bedroom/four bathroom house is 5,387 sq ft on 64.49 acres. I can't see any neighbors, at all. 64 acres is the ultimate spaces to have to yourself. Not to mention the additional 1,600 sq ft home at the entrance All of this space will cost you a cool $1,900,000.

43 Acres - $588,000

1102 21 Road

It looks as if this is a small neighborhood, buts it's not, it's your future house. This house is three bedrooms/one bathroom and 1,404 sq ft of space, but that's not it. This house comes with a shop, grain silos, covered hay storage and lots of farming buildings. there's also a family room in the basement.

20 Acres - $755,000

225 Meeka Ct

I've never seen an indoor gazebo -- until now. Well that's what that thing in the dining room reminds me of. I like that there's a lot of light in this four bedroom/four bathroom house. 3,097 sq ft of space will cost you $750,000. This place even has heated floors, which is something I've only dreamed of. I like how the neighbors don't get in the way of your view.

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