From Palisade to Fruita, get ready for the Honk For Hope.

If you hear a bunch of honking this weekend, it's not geese. It is actually the sound of hope. The Tour de Flower Honk For Hope is going to be a parade of cars and vehicles visiting more than 20 senior care facilities all across the Grand Valley on Saturday, May 9. The waving of signs and the honking of horns is meant to express thanks and appreciation to all of the nurses who are providing care as well as showing support to staff and encouragement to residents.

While some folks will be coming out of the facilities to wave at the parade, nobody will be getting out of their vehicles, so safe social distancing will be practiced. There will actually be two different routes across the valley.

Anyone wanting to participate in the Honk For Hope should meet at 8:15 Saturday morning at the Alzheimer's Association office in Grand Junction, right next to 7th Street Deli. The parade will get underway at 9:00 and should be done by noon. Sign up now and plan to join in the honking.

Classic cars are absolutely welcome at this event, so if you are itching to get your 'baby' out of the garage, this is a great time to do it. Those vintage automobiles would be the perfect addition to the Honk For Hope.

This is a pretty cool way for the community to come together during a difficult time and express support and appreciation for all of those who have been right there on the front lines at care centers across the Grand Valley. If you have some free time this Saturday morning, consider joining the Honk For Hope. It's going to bright a senior's day and bring a smile to their face at a time when they could really use something to smile about.

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