There are plenty of people besides the Grinch who are out to steal your Christmas. These four tips will help prevent that from happening.

Based on their experience, the Grand Junction Police Department is more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise to help you keep thieves from ruining Christmas.

Protect Yourself From Electronic Pickpockets - While you still need to watch for those who want to lift your wallet, the most dangerous pickpocket is the electronic kind.

The RFID chip in your cards that makes it buying simple with 'contactless payment' can also be scanned by thieves with readers while the card is in your wallet or purse.

Buy a wallet or sleeve for your credit and debit cards that blocks RFID scanner waves. I own one and it's money well spent.

Beware of Lowest Price Scams - You probably know the phrase, if it sounds to good to be true.. Online shoppers can be duped into thinking that amazingly low price is a must buy.

Before you start entering your information to make the purchase, check to make sure the site is legitimate. Do a Google search and see what shows up about the business.

Better yet, only shop with businesses you know and make sure the website address starts with https:// This means the site uses encryption to keep information secure.

Be Aware of 'Porch Pirates' - These are thieves who are more than happy to run off with boxes delivered to your home. Some are bold enough to follow delivery trucks around and grab what was left at your front door before you even know it was delivered.

Shippers offer options that ensure your packages are delivered safely including requiring a signature or allowing to to pick up the package at their facility.

The Montrose Police Department says there are products available to protect packages and foil attempts by porch pirates to steal boxes delivered to your home.

Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car - Out of sight doesn't mean those things you put into the trunk and then headed back into the store are safe.

Thieves troll parking lots looking for people who drop off bags of merchandise. Once they're gone, the thieves break in and steal your gifts.

Enjoy your holiday shopping, but take the time to make sure thieves don't steal your Christmas.

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