Here's a photobomb full of holiday cheer and lots of tears of joy. Plus, it's the best Christmas present any family could ever wish for.

Rob Stella, who's Navy career spans 23 years, made it home from his final deployment just in time to photobomb his children's Christmas picture with Santa.

Stella was supposed to be home on December 4 in time for the Christmas photo and his daughter Maddie's tenth birthday but got bumped from the flight.

After telling his family the disappointing news, Stella found out he was going to be home in time after all. He and his wife decided to surprise the kids by not telling them the good news.

Stella and his wife set up the photobomb with Santa and his elves to bring some real Christmas magic to his children. In an interview with ABC News, Stella explains,

I was hidden behind the bench as people were getting their photos taken with Santa. I could hear my kids and I know their voice, and the signal was going to be ‘1, 2, 3’ for the lady taking the picture, and then I’d know they would be looking at her so I could pop up and be in the background.”

Stella's photobombing was revealed when his youngest son, hearing people laughing, started looking around and caught a glimpse of his dad behind the bench. Stella went on to say,

“The gig was up then. “My youngest son came over to give me a hug and my daughter broke down crying.. “Her reaction just makes my heart melt. You feel so bad when you have to leave and you feel like you’re breaking their heart. But after that time away and getting to surprise them like this, it almost makes it worth its while. The hardest thing I’ve done in years is telling them I’m going away.”

After this surprise, it's hard to imagine there's anything about Christmas this year that could be more memorable. Maddie also got a special bonus. Dad was home for Christmas and her birthday, making them both extra special for this little girl.

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