A home for sale in Delta, Colorado is not only adorable but is over 100 years old, was once a beauty parlor, and has a unique mix of vintage and modern styles today.

Location of Delta Colorado Home For Sale

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The home is located at 164 Meeker Street, Delta, Colorado 81416 in the heart of the town:

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While the home is located in a residential neighborhood and is now considered a residential property, it was a commercial building for a good number of years.


Details About Delta Colorado Home For Sale

The home is rather small, but not necessarily as small as you would assume while driving past at a total of 255 square feet. It features three bedrooms, and three bathrooms, and sits on a 0.34-acre lot. In addition, the home was built in 1907 making it roughly 115 years old. The current asking price on the home is $599,000.

History of Delta Colorado Home For Sale

Interestingly, as mentioned above, the home was not always a residential property, but a commercial property for several years as well. When touring the ground floor, you'll notice an 'exit' sign that serves as a clue, but there are far more clues that are revealed the more you explore.

One very interesting thing about the home is the fact that it still has a large room that was once used as a beauty salon. In fact, the beauty parlor chairs are still sitting in front of the TV.

In addition, there is a beautiful old metal ceiling in this part of the home, and impressive woodwork is featured throughout as well.

Take a Virtual Tour of an Adorable Vintage Delta Colorado Home

Historic Delta Home and Salon Takes You on a Trip Through Time

A home for sale in Delta, Colorado is over 100 years old, was once a salon, and is a unique mix of vintage and modern today.

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