All these years we thought Easter egg hunts were just for kids, but apparently, that is not the case.

What you need to know is that an Easter egg hunt for adults does not involve eggs. It involves wine, which should not be surprising considering this is the Grand Valley we are talking about.

Mesa Park Vineyards in Palisade is hosting this special event called an Easter Wine Hunt on April 26. Actually, they are going to hide wine and eggs - with wine-related prizes. Your ticket gets you a glass of wine and any prizes you find.

Perhaps this is an idea that will catch on - Easter egg hunts for adults. And maybe there could be events for the non-wine drinking crowd. It could be fun. Why should kids have all the fun around the holidays like Christmas and Easter?

We could hunt for specially marked golf balls on a golf course, or search for coupon savings and merchandise in downtown Grand Junction from downtown merchants.

How about a search for valuable gold coins around Grand Junction? Or diving for dollars at the Orchard Mesa pool?

The possibilities are limitless for adult-oriented Easter hunts - just thinking out loud here. However, honestly, I'm out of ideas, so maybe we just go back to hiding eggs for the kids.

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