With the popularity of T.V. shows that talk about supernatural occurrences I believe it's time we all get together and take a haunted hike.

These might be hikes where apparitions have been seen, or maybe it's the sounds you hear while you're on the hike that makes it creepy. Whatever it is, I want to go. Who's with me?

Woodglenn Park-Thornton

Apparently there were a few friends who came to the park in the 1980's and pranked each other and, as pranks do sometimes, this one turned deadly. Two young men died in a fire there and some say you can still hear the sound of a screaming boy when it's windy.

Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center-Aurora

Part of the hospital is still in use, but around the grounds are many empty buildings and it in and around these buildings people have reported seeing ghosts. One are of the hospital is where they would keep war victims prior to treatment. Some never made it out of that building and it is said their spirits remain.

Helen Hunt Falls-Colorado Springs

No, not the actress, but a woman named Helen Hunt once visited these falls and died there. One interesting fact is. since that event, at least one person has died near those falls every year.

Fort Morgan Nature Trails-Ft. Morgan

A truly beautiful place to hike. And creepy too.The stories of the River Witch, who killed herself on these trails because of mistreatment by the locals keep hikers just a little more nervous than they would normally be.

Horsethief Canyon-Fruita

Yes, around these parts there are haunted trails too. The story goes that a young woman was trampled by the horse thieves who would bring their stolen horses here to sell. Her spirit remains.

Let us know of any haunting hiking experiences you may have had!



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