Are you on a quest for lunch in Grand Junction, Colorado? Does your budget prohibit restaurants featuring candlelight and a wine list?

I asked on Facebook, "You have $10 for lunch in the Grand Junction area. Where are you going and what are you getting?" These are your picks for the best lunch deals in the valley.

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Average Grocery Budget For 2022

Review 42 shared data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating the average spending on food is about $386.92 per month for one household living in the US. This information was based on the groceries people spend the most money on, such as dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, and bakery products.

Please keep in mind, the data above is simply an average. It does not necessarily reflect the number of people in the household, income level, and region of the country an individual might live in.

When You're Hungry, You're Hungry

It's lunchtime, you've been at work for six hours, and you have the munchies. Let's say heading home is not an option, and you forgot to brown bag it for the day. The only options you see are:

  • go somewhere for lunch
  • go hungry

Lunch On a Budget

According to Top Dollar, a survey by Visa shows that Americans spend $2,746 on lunch annually. That works out to an average of $53 a week. Please note that the survey reported on "lunch," which could mean several things, including sack lunch, going home, fast food, or dining out. Hold on, it gets worse. According to the same report, those who ate out frequently were spending $9,000 a year or more on lunch.

So let's take the amount of $53 a week, and assume you're working a five-day workweek. With that, we have a daily lunch budget of $10 and change. Where are you going with your $10 bill?

Your Picks For Grand Junction Colorado's Best Places For Lunch Under $10

Is your food budget shrinking by the hour? Are you on the lookout for the best lunch deal in town? I asked on Facebook, "You have $10 for lunch in the Grand Junction area. Where are you going and what are you getting?"

Your Picks For Grand Junction's Best Lunch Deals

Lunch, anyone? Can you afford it? I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best lunch deal in Grand Junction?" These are your picks for the best deals in the valley.

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