The chrome buffalo standing in the Wells Fargo courtyard on the corner of 4th and Main St. in downtown Grand Junction is one of Colorado's "oddities and attractions."

Everyone in the Grand Valley has seen the buffalo, but perhaps not everyone has gotten up close and personal with the chrome beast.

The unique art piece is actually named "Chrome on the Range" by Lou Willie and was dedicated in 1989. According to, the bison has a steel frame and is covered with polished chrome car bumpers, cut to fit to form the buffalo.

The chrome buffalo is one of over 200 Colorado attractions and oddities listed by Over the years, I've seen lots of people getting their picture taken with the buffalo. The buffalo has also been known to wear a Santa hat at Christmas time.

It is possible that those of us living here take the buffalo for granted, but, to those less fortunate that don't live here, they think the buffalo is totally cool. So, here's a reminder that our resident buffalo is very cool, and one of the things that make downtown Grand Junction a special place and something for us to be extremely proud of.

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