You love it. You know you love it, heck EVERYONE loves it. Some people have been known to drive hundreds of miles for it.

What is it?

Corned beef and cabbage!

Sure and begorrah, 'tis a tasty St. Patty's day treat. Where in Grand Junction can we get the BEST, tastiest, most unforgettable corned beef and cabbage? Let's take a look!

Local residents love the tasty Irish staple and love to have it at the Ale House.

Great place to meet friends, enjoy a classic Irish dish and celebrate! You can find the Ale House at 2531 N. 12th St (12th and Patterson).

A corned beef and cabbage SANDWICH? Yep. And Right here in Grand Junction. Or Fruita. In Grand Junction, they're at 1960 N 12th St in Grand Junction, and 456 Kokopelli Blvd in Fruita.

That's right. Boston's! Not only Corned Beef and Cabbage but other St. Patty's day favorites as well! Find them at 2404 Patterson Rd in Grand Junction.

Now that you have a few choices, get out there on St Patrick's Day and enjoy!

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