What's up with this? I walked the Audubon portion of Grand Junction's Riverfront Trail yesterday and had the entire thing to myself. What did this awesome trail do to deserve being neglected?

The Audubon portion of this trail is a little better than six miles round trip. I set out from the plaza located just west of the Albertson's. From start to finish, I never passed another single human being. Look at the video above. Not a soul in sight.

Surprisingly, the homeless lady who lives in a tent about a half-mile from the trailhead wasn't even there.

Granted, it was Super Bowl Sunday, and people had other things on their minds. That still doesn't answer the question.

This trail really is a masterpiece. It follows the Redlands canal for miles. Ultimately, you wind up at the Colorado River. In between, nothing but tons of trees, horned owls, wildlife, and scenery.

Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed the privacy. Then again, it's heartbreaking to see this resource unused. This trail is awesome in the summer, winter, spring, fall, rain, snow, or sunshine.

Don't let this trail go unused. It's worth visiting several times a week. The scenery alone is worth it. Add to it the fresh air and exercise, and this trail is a Western Colorado treasure.

BONUS VIDEO: Why You Should Follow the Audubon Trail to the Very End

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