Downtown Grand Junction will come alive on Thanksgiving morning.

Nearly 2000 runners are expected to participate in the GJ Turkey Trot 5K before partaking of their traditional Thanksgiving meal.

The event is put on by the Grand Junction Fire Fighters Foundation to raise funds for firefighters, firefighters' families, and local residents who have experienced a significant personal tragedy.

The three-mile course winds its way through downtown Grand Junction for those that are going for speed as well as those who want to do an energizing or relaxing three-mile walk.

There's even a short course on Main Street for kids aged 8 and under. It's called Delaney's Little Gobbler Kids Run. This part of the event is free, and every child receives a small gift.

For the big runners, the early registration deadline has passed, but late registrations will be taken at the event starting at 8:30 am Thursday. The entry fee is $35 for ages 16 and older, and $15 for ages 5-15.

The starting point is Two Rivers Convention Center so come on down and do it. Get some friends together or come down with your family and it will be great fun in the crisp, early morning Grand Junction air. Plus, if you do this in the morning, you'll feel a lot less guilty about that second helping of mashed potatoes and that second piece of pie later in the day.

This event is definitely not for turkeys, although if I were a turkey I would rather be running than basting.

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