You may not have noticed, but the city of Grand Junction isn't looking quite as trashy lately.

The Accumulation of Grand Junction's Trash

It's incredible how trash builds up and accumulates over time and before you know it,  you've got a huge mess. That's why I tend to get a little irritated when I see people dropping cigarette butts on the ground or when I see pieces of trash on the Riverfront Trail. It all adds up.

Massive Clean-up Effort Is Underway

Thankfully, a clean-up effort is underway in Grand Junction that goes far beyond cigarette butts and random trash. The Grand Junction Police Department Community Resource Unit is in the process of removing waste and debris in public areas and lands throughout the city. The work began in August on Dike Road, located west of Riverside Parkway, and under the 5th Street Bridge.

The City of Grand Junction has coordinated cleanup efforts with volunteers in the area north of Broadway and east of Dike Road. A total of 736 cubic yards of material and trash were collected during the month of August. The city is now working to clear out the area on Railroad Island and they have plans to clean up the Las Colonias Park and Watson Island areas next.

City of Grand Junction
City of Grand Junction

Staggering Amount of Trash Under 5th Street Bridge

The amount of trash around the 5th Street Bridge is shocking and appalling, and I had no idea the problem was this bad. Aside from the fact it's an eyesore, the build-up of litter, drug paraphernalia and biohazards can get into parks, waterways, and other areas. There can be environmental damage, harm to local wildlife, and threats to the community.

It's Really A People Problem, Not A Trash Problem

Of course, the issue with all the trash is a people problem - a particular segment of the population - but that is a topic of conversation for another day. We will have that conversation. But, for now, big thanks to the city, the volunteers, and the local cleanup and hauling company Square U Away. Cleaning up our hometown is awesome. We just need to find a way to keep it that way.

These Photos Show Grand Junction's Drastic Change in a Few Short Years

Grand Junction is growing, there's no doubt about that. These photos from 2008 to now show just how much our small town has changed. In some cases, we have seen dramatic changes with brand new construction, and in some cases, we have seen changes in how we get around Grand Junction. Whether you have been in Grand Junction for a long time or you are a relative newcomer, you can enjoy this look back at how things have changed in Grand Junction over the past 13 years.

Then and Now: More Dramatic Changes In Grand Junction

Grand Junction has changed dramatically and significantly over the years, and thanks to Google, we can look and see how Grand Junction looked in 2008 compared to how it looks today. Stroll through the images and see how well your memory is at recalling the way things used to be.


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