The weather outside over the last few weeks has had many in Grand Junction running back and forth to the thermostat. It's just too hot. Then it got cool at night for a couple of days and the swamp cooler let all the cold air in. Now I want heat. It never ends.

As summer temps have arrived in the Grand Valley, what is your perfect A/C setting for the thermostat? Have you arrived at one perfect number over the years or do you just push it to 'Hi Cool' when you walk in the door?

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How is that Swamp Cooler Holding Up?

A friend of mine remarked how someone he knows was complaining about their swamp cooler. They said it was not cooling the house at all. It was about 101 outside that day. When it's that hot swamp coolers really may not be able to do a whole lot for ya. Time to find a pool at that point.

What is Your Perfect Thermostat Setting During the Summer?

Do you leave the A/C at 11 degrees all day? Sometimes it's about that cold in the on-air studio here. What is the perfect setting at your house on a triple-digit day? Maybe you just run to the Mall or cool off.

Grand Junction's Perfect Thermostat Setting Is...

If we take all the entries we have received so far and averaged them out we get the perfect thermostat setting of 64.7. This is due largely to the folks who answered with 11 degrees, 50 degrees, and 65 degrees. Although I'd love to come and hang out at their house the next time it's 100 degrees out. Scroll on to see the perfect settings from around Grand Junction. Keep cool y'all!

What Is Grand Junction's Perfect A/C Setting On a Hot Summer Day?

We asked you what is the perfect setting for your thermostat on a hot summer day? We got a wide range of temperatures that show some like it hot and some like it really cold. Scroll through the perfect settings and see if you find a match. You can send in your setting with our free station app.

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As summer temperatures arrive in the Grand Valley, Grand Junction has a number of places that can help keep you cool. Scroll through the photos below to find a place to cool off. Know of more places? Share them with us on the station app and we will add them to the list.

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