A heads up from Grand Junction Police, this Friday will not be the day to speed home from work.

Call them 'speed traps' or 'enhanced enforcement zones', but Grand Junction PD has given notice that Friday is a day they will be out in full force and cracking down on Colorado motorists who are speeding through a few specific areas of town.

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Speed Traps Coming to Grand Junction on Friday

Grand Junction Police will have an increased presence on Patterson Road, Highway 50, and North Avenue. Remember the enforcement window on Friday is from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Get to Know Grand Junction's 'Enhanced Enforcement Zones'

The photo gallery below will guide you through the enforcement zones with reminders on speed reduction. Take a look and share it with your friends and family so they know the areas of town they'll need to slow down in to avoid a Friday afternoon ticket.

Here's your warning: follow the posted speed limits 👇🏻

Grand Junction Speed Traps: Police Presence on Patterson, North + the Business Loop

Call it a "Speed Trap" or call it "Enhanced Enforcement," what Grand Junction police really want is for everyone to drive safely through these select traffic trouble spots in our city.

Disclaimer: The road stretches are just rough estimates, and by no means exact. You should always check the posted speed limit when you're driving. We will not be held responsible for your speeding tickets. 😉

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