Grand Junction has revealed the worst Christmas presents they've ever received and -- they're pretty bad. Here are some of the worst Christmas presents ever.

It's Christmas time and the spirits are high, just like they are in your glass, but then when it's time to open up presents, you open a gift that just floors you. We asked you about the worst Christmas present you've ever received on our Facebook and your answers did not disappoint. (They were probably disappointed to you, but we enjoyed them.)

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From half of a case of beer to a used curling iron, here are some of the worst Christmas presents that Grand Junction has ever received.

(All jokes aside, we're always thankful to get a Christmas present, no matter what it is.)

  • 1

    Used Curling Iron

    Kendall Neuhalfen says one Christmas she received a used curling iron and used lotions. She said the curling iron still had someone else's hair on the barrel.

  • 2

    Half of a Case of Beer

    Vinton Hargan Matthews says the worst Christmas present ever was half of a case of Miller Lite one Christmas. And to make it even worse, it was 3.2%.

  • 3

    Toilet Paper Doll

    When Susan Wonders opened this Christmas gift from her Grandma, I'm sure this isn't what she was expecting. Susan's grandma gave her a doll that covers toilet paper for Christmas.

  • 4

    A Vacuum

    Dawana Bruhn commented on our Facebook and says she got a vacuum as a Christmas present on year. Our very first question was 'is it a Roomba?' because if it was, that'd be a great Christmas present. (She said it was a Hoover.)

  • 5

    An Onion

    Bobbie Gross says the worst Christmas present he's ever received is an onion. Bobbie says there's a long story behind it and now we're intrigued.

  • 6

    Faked Out Times Two

    Kim Titus was faked out twice with this Christmas present. Her sister gave her a huge present, which was in a stereo box. But when Kim opened it, it was actually a fake tree.

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