I have a dream. I should also mention I'm rather old by the younger generation's standards. Put those two facts together and I present to you five old school Christmas toys that really need to become a reality again. SPOILER ALERT: one toy already has.

I understand that most current day wish list items are either phones or new video game systems. I appreciate new tech, but there's something to be said for some of the toys I grew up with that made for the best Christmas mornings ever. Here are 5 that I would love to see come back and one of them already has kinda.

Electric Football

Forget about the current politics of football. The Electric Football toy brought with it a sound that you never forget. Once you had positioned your players, you turned on the power button and the players went everywhere with a huge BUZZ. None of these players kneeled. It was awesome.

Lawn Darts (aka Jarts)

Quick disclaimer: These were dangerous. I realize this may be a controversial pick, but I loved lawn darts. I was never injured by them and never knew any friends who impaled themselves. It was fun to throw these things way up in the air across the yard and try to land them inside the yellow hoop circle. These could come back if the modern world would grow some common sense.

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong was a very practical and versatile toy. It launched in 1976 and made a brief comeback a half dozen years ago, but still isn't widely available anymore. You could stretch this toy to crazy proportions. If it was brought back today, it could be a gift for wives to be used as stress toys when the guy in their life has done something that irritates them. Grab Stretch by the arms and you automatically feel better.

Big Wheels

We had gangs back in the 1970's. No, not violent gangs that did illegal things. We had groups of kids on Big Wheels. If you saw one of these bad boys under your Christmas tree, you knew you were in for a good time. Yes, there are little mini-cycles similar to these, but none match the awesomeness of Big Wheels. I jumped several bikes on a Big Wheel and have the scars on my back still to prove it.

Evel Knievel Action Figure and Stunt Cycle

Any kid that grew up in the 70's knows this was an epic toy. The front wheel had a spring mechanism that made it possible to jump this toy over just about anything. Mine bit the dust when I tried to jump it over a creek. The front wheel broke off when it hit the rocks at the bottom. Sad face. Wait. Happy face again. The Evel Knievel action figure can now be purchased again. Evel Knievel Toys offers it for a cool $39.95. This brings me great joy.

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