This year I won't be able to get the nice pricey gifts that one likes to give for Christmas, but I still want to have something to give, so here are five gift ideas you can feel free to use yourself.

Tasty Treats

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Baking some cookies or cakes and giving them as gifts warm more than just your heart. And the extra love you put into them is always appreciated. And if you have little ones, they can help you decorate and make it even more fun!



Maybe you got a few things from last Christmas, or a birthday, that you never used or opened. What a great way to give a gift and not have to pay for it. Just make sure you don't give it to the person who gave it to you in the first place!

Gift Cards

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Gift cards are a great way to allow your giving nature to shine through without breaking the bank. And with them available at so many different places, you can give and not worry about ever getting one re-gifted to you!

Visit Family

Zane Mathews

Gas up the station wagon or minivan or whatever it is you drive and head out to Grandma's. Or Dad's. Or Mom's. Wherever you have to go, sometimes the best gift you can give your family is your presence, not your presents!

Create Personalized Greeting Cards


A fun project for the whole family. And if you have young ones around, let them create new decorations for the tree. Year after year, these lovingly created decorations will grace the family tree. The memories from these will last long after this Christmas is over.

So there you have my list. I know everyone ON my list will now know what they are getting, but at least I get to give something this year. And I think it will be more memorable because of it. Share your list and let's get creative!