Why in the world does school start so early here in Colorado?

When I was a kid school started after Labor Day and ended the first week of June.

Another thought that came up when we asked our listeners the Question of the Day on Facebook:

School starts too early in the morning. I realized that this was another piece of the disapproval puzzle that parents are revealing.

Both counts are very valid. I agree with the majority of parents. The time school starts in the morning is way too early and the beginning of August feels seems way too early.

I personally would struggle if I was a student trying to learn. I'm a night girl and a summer girl.

August is so hot. Trying to stay focus and learn something would be brutal for me.

My youngest son is just like me. Bless his heart.

I'd rather go back to the "good ole days" and not have as much time off during the school year and have a longer summer.

My older son is a high school biology teacher in Minnesota and they're on a later schedule.

Here are a few comments from the listeners:

Trina Johnson, funny the question was for the year at first but many disapprove with both.

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