In less than two months we will know for sure whether or not Grand Junction residents will agree to fund a new events center.One year ago at this time, the City of Grand Junction was exploring possibilities in regards to a new 5,000-seat events center. A feasibility study was presented at a public meeting showing Grand Junction could actually support such a facility.

At that time, we asked our listeners if Grand Junction should invest in a new events center. In our poll, 71% said "no", while 22% said "yes".

Now, the question is being posed to the people that really matter - Grand Junction voters. In January, the Grand Junction City Council agreed to put the question on the April 4 ballot. If the measure is approved, city sales tax would increase by 1/4 cent to fund the construction and operation of the event center.

Imagine the possibilities...a minor league sports team, big-name concerts, bigger conventions, and family entertainment events. Is it worth 1/4 cent increase in taxes to you?

So, we ask the question again. Based on the information presented to the city council, do you feel the city should proceed with plans to build the new facility? Take the poll below and we will report the results soon.

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