Marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2012 with some very specific guidelines for growing it.

Some apparently didn't get the memo as a Grand Junction man, Long Luong, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for a grow that was, well, astounding.

Over 1,000 kilograms and over 2,000 plants were discovered at a site owned by Luong's co-defendant, Heung Yu Wong, who owned Thai Chili Bistro in Rifle.

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2,420 plants were recovered from the marijuana grow and a truck carrying more was seized with over 100 pounds of marijuana ready for sale. The truck was headed to Grand Junction to be stored in a warehouse, they determined, where they found another grow and an additional 1,034 plants, plus more at Luong's home.

This case saw multiple agencies involved, including the DEA, ATF, Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team, Western Colorado Drug Task Force, Garfield County Sheriff's Office, Mesa County Sheriff's Office, and Grand Junction Police Department.

Luong now faces seven years in prison for the illegal grow and black market sale of marijuana.

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