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Rifle Falls in Rifle, Colo., is partially closed for construction until mid-February. Rifle Falls is getting a winter upgrade including a new bridge and a new viewing area, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

If you want to get up close and personal with the waterfalls at Rifle Falls State Park, you're going to have to wait until February. According to Rifle Gap, Harvey Gap, and Rifle Falls State Park's Facebook, Rifle Falls is currently closed until about mid-February.

Although part of Rifle Falls State Park is open, visitors aren't able to use the popular hiking trail that leads you right in front of the waterfalls. The trails east of the falls and the caves on the east side of Rifle Creek are open, just take the upper section of the Coyote Trail, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

We're looking forward to seeing the winter upgrades in person. According to CPW, Rifle Falls is getting a new pedestrian bridge by the base of the falls. The other winter upgrade is an improved viewing area, which will also be near the base of Rifle Falls.

The contrast between Rifle Falls during the summer and winter is astounding. In the summer, everything is lush and green, while winter at Rifle Falls looks more frozen and white. You can find out more about the current construction at Rifle Falls State Park by contacting them at 970-625-1607.

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