Are you in the market for a new Grand Junction home? Are you comfortable with the idea of paying no more than you have to? This Grand Junction home just went on the market and is listing for less than 70K.

Kudos to the person responsible for decorating this home. It's warm, inviting, and did we mention...inexpensive?

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Always On the Lookout For Affordable Housing in Grand Junction

You may have noticed I do real estate postings from time to time. In most cases, my posts highlight housing on the more affordable end of the market. There are plenty of other people out there posting about mansions and multi-million dollar estates.

In this case, we're looking at a home listing for $65,000.00. To put that in perspective, I bought a house in 2001 for $95,660 and felt like the king of the world. Most new construction in the area circa the year 2021 was priced more towards the $250K range.

Specs On This Home

This home at 585 25 1/2 Road in Grand Junction is described as:

  • 2 bedroom
  • 2 bathroom
  • 1,064 square feet
  • built in 1981
  • new carpet
  • all appliances
  • carport

Interesting Layout

I've always been a fan of the creative uses of finite space. It's amazing the designs people can come up with. In this case, the structure is fairly large at 1,064 square feet, with only two bedrooms. In other words, there is plenty of square footage set aside for living space.

Have you ever seen this large of a bathroom in a manufactured home? I was in a 9,000 square foot home priced at over $3 million the other day, and its bathrooms weren't this nice.

The Bubble May Have Burst in Grand Junction

I invest in real estate from time to time and tend to keep an eye on the market. As most people will tell you, something very interesting is happening right now with the real estate market in Grand Junction. It may be time to pounce.

This is not a commercial, an advertisement, and I'm in no way associated with the realty company, the owners, nor do I have any financial interest in this home. Like I said above, there are enough builders cranking out $600K homes in Western Colorado. Let's take a look at one of the more affordable additions to the market in Grand Junction.

This Grand Junction Home is Priced Under $70K

Are you searching for affordable housing in the Grand Junction area? Here you go. This unit just went on the market, listed at $65K.

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