I thought Grand Junction had a plethora of BBQ grilling experts, but what I found instead was a bunch of grill comedians.

Are You Smelling Neighborhood Grills?

The grilling season is upon us. Just take a big sniff some evening when you step outside your front door. There's a good chance your sniffer will pick up the scent of a neighbor's BBQ grill, fired up, and cooking up some juicy, hot meat. Your sniffer might also pick up another smoke-related scent -but that's a subject for another post.

Is Your Grilling Disappointing and Discouraging?

I love to grill, but, my grilling is always a craps shoot. Once in a while, I can produce some amazing meat, but, quite often, the results are disappointing and discouraging. I watch videos and read all kinds of tips on how to produce juicy steaks and burgers, yet I am unable to consistently deliver high-quality, mouth-watering results on the grill.

I don't think I'm alone in my struggles, so I asked our listeners to give us some tips for successful grilling. I got a few good, legitimate tips - but, mostly, people just wanted to be funny. You can see their response below.

Try This For Delicious New England Style Sirloin Steak

I was able to coax one Grand Junction master griller to give us a tip for grilling - and he went beyond just giving advice, and flat out gave us his recipe for some delicious steaks. My thanks to Thom for sharing the following recipe for New England Style Sirloin Steak Tips. It sounds so easy.

For starters, Thom says to cube the flap meat into two or three squares and then marinate for 24 hours - Italian dressing, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and Turbinado sugar. Grill on high heat, hot and fast, and serve medium with "whatever floats your boat."

Now back to the Grand Junction grilling comedians - and I thank everyone for their comments - whether they were helpful to me or not. Those tips might not make us better on the grill --but at least we'll be smiling.

Grand Junction Funny Grilling Tips

With the grilling season upon us, I thought it would be helpful to get some tips from some of Grand Junction's grilling "experts." Some of these tips might be helpful, but I'm afraid most of them are just going to make you smile.

Grand Junction’s Favorite Cooks in 2022

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