People love to donate to Goodwill in Grand Junction, but there are certain donated items that will not be accepted.

You can find a lot of cool stuff at the Goodwill store in Grand Junction. Their huge store, of course, is dominated by racks of clothing for men, women, boys, and girls. From jeans and t-shirts, activewear, dress slacks, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, and lingerie.  When you are looking to add to your wardrobe on a budget the price is right at Goodwill.

So Much More Than Clothes At Goodwill

There is so much more than clothing at Goodwill and it is a great resource for things like books, records, Cds, dishes, knick-knacks, and kitchen appliances at a bargain. You'll find electronics, furniture, sports and camping equipment, bikes, tools, musical instruments, lamps, and just a little bit of everything. Well, almost everything.

There Are Some Donation No-Nos At Goodwill

It seems like Goodwill accepts donations of every kind, but, in reality, there are a few limitations that people need to be aware of. Not everything is donatable - and it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Obviously, they don't want clothes that are ripped and stained, or appliances and electronics that don't work. But, there's more.

Would You Buy What You Are Donating?

A good rule of thumb when you are donating to Goodwill - or any local non-profit for that matter. If you wouldn't buy something in "that' condition nobody else will either, so don't bother donating. Throw it away. If it's junk, don't try to donate it.

20 Things You Can't Donate To Goodwill In Grand Junction

If you would like to donate to Goodwill, but you aren't exactly sure what items they won't accept, scroll through the gallery below for a look at 20 things you can't donate to Goodwill in Grand Junction.

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