I never cease to be amazed at the kindness of the Grand Junction community and we were a witness to that again this week.

Grand Junction Mother Involved In Car Accident

A few days ago, Amber, a singe-mom in Grand Junction was involved in a serious car accident. She was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered severed nerves in her arm. Unfortunately, Amber is not a candidate for surgery and the damage might be permanent. She could possibly lose the use of her right arm.

Amber has a 10-year-old daughter named Shyann. Over the next few months, these two will need help as Amber recovers and receives additional medical care. According to her sister, Selena, Amber was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is now recovering with family at home.

Go Fund Me Organized By Amber's Sister

Selena has organized a Go Fund Me campaign for her sister to help with finances during this difficult time. So far, about half of the $5,000 goal has been reached as friends and strangers have stepped up to offer financial donations. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to Amber and her family to help pay for daily expenses and medical care.

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Can You Make A Donation?

If you are able and want to donate to the cause, you can make a donation on the GoFundMe page for Amber. I'm sure that any amount would help and would be appreciated.

We want to wish Amber all the best in her recovery and thank everyone who has been able and willing to make a contribution. I'm a firm believer in the idea that when you sew kindness you'll reap kindness in return.

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