The problem of hunger is not just a third-world issue - hunger is a human problem and it happens everywhere including in Grand Junction, Colorado.

According to World Vision, it's estimated that about 10% of the world's population is going to bed hungry. Of course, the degree of hunger, the resources, and the availability of food vary from place to place and that is another matter altogether.

We Have A Lot of Hungry People In Grand Junction

Don't get me wrong. I'm not comparing Grand Junction to places like Ethiopia or Nigeria where it's not just about hunger - it's about starvation. Those places don't have a roster of food pantries that distribute food on a regular basis. But, the fact is, we all need food to survive - it's not optional. Hunger, regardless of the severity -is most unpleasant regardless of the circumstances.

When we talk about hungry people in Grand Junction, it's not just the homeless population that need food. Every day we see people holding signs on a corner proclaiming their hunger and their need for food. I often wonder if they know about all the resources that are available to them. Additionally, there are also plenty of hard-working people who are trying desperately to sufficiently feed their families. There is no shame in that struggle.

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There Is Good News For the Hungry People In Grand Junction

The good news is that Grand Junction has many resources available to people who need food. The real problem is educating hungry people on where they can get free food.

Where To Find Free Food In Grand Junction

Western Colorado 211 is a great resource for people looking for help with life essentials such as training, employment, affordable housing, and food. Scroll down for a look at some of the food pantry services available in Grand Junction and places where free food is available for the hungry.

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