Welcome to a busy event-filled holiday season in Grand Junction.

Things Are So Different This Year

What a difference a year makes. Coming off the 2020 holiday season when there were more things that weren't happening than were, this year looks dramatically different.

There is Something For Everyone

From concerts and fundraisers to craft fairs, theatre performances, and athletic events, there is no reason for anyone to be bored this month in Grand Junction. If you had the time, the money, and the desire you could probably find something to do every day throughout the entire month.

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You'll Have To Pick Choose Which Events To Attend

I don't know anyone who has the time, money, and desire to do something every single day - but I do know plenty of people who are anxious to get out and enjoy some special events this holiday season. It feels like the entire Grand Valley can't wait to get out this holiday season and have some fun.

November Events In Grand Junction

The list of Grand Junction events is actually much larger than this, but here is a variety of events that are happening in November. Check out the ones that appeal to you and enjoy the start to the holiday season.

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Things We Miss From Grand Junction of the 1980s

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