Legendary Grand Junction businessman Douglas Simons was a recent recipient of a tremendous honor - induction into the Candy Hall of Fame.

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This event just went down October 22 through the 24th, 2021. Watch as local hero Doug Simons makes his acceptance speech from Tampa, Florida.

Grand Junction Businessman Gone Big Time

You all know Doug Simons as the past President of Enstrom Candies, Inc. I know him as a monster guitar player from Mesa College (now Colorado Mesa University) and local bands like JT and the Big Dogs. No matter how you know him, Doug Simons has served the Grand Valley for decades as a phenomenal businessman, employer, candymaker, and philanthropist.

Off to the Candy Hall of Fame

Doug Simons was one of ten inductees for the Class of 2021. A statement from the Candy Hall of Fame reads:

The 2021 Candy Hall of Fame weekend promises to be the event of the year as we come Together Again after so many months apart to Celebrate The People Who Make The Confectionery Industry Great!

A Who's Who of Candy Awesomeness

Doug is in good company. Check out this list of heavy hitters from the Class of 2021 and the major companies they represent:

  • Pam Gesford - The Hershey Co.
  • Forrest Mars, Jr. - Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. LLC
  • Deb Grenon - My Favorite Company, Inc.
  • Michelle Frame - Victus Ars
  • Barry Phillips - SpartanNash Co.
  • Kurt Rosenberg - Promotion In Motion Cos, Inc.
  • Mark Schlott - R.M. Palmer Co.
  • Alan Scharhon - Halfon Candy Co.
  • Robert Taylor, Jr. - Burdette Beckmann Inc.

Another Reason Why This Year is Special

Did I mention the Candy Hall of Fame is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021? That's right. They've celebrated candy excellence since 1971.

How Does One Get Nominated for the Candy Hall of Fame?

The Candy Hall of Fame Nominations & Criteria page reads, "Candy Hall of Fame inductees exhibit exemplary service to the industry over and above their personal careers, consistently and substantively performing at a level beyond normal job requirements and expectations, resulting in significant contributions advancing the overall confectionery category and/or individuals within the category."

  • The following criteria must be met in order to be considered for induction into the Candy Hall of Fame:
  • Twenty years of service to the confectionery industry (buyers must have at least ten years of experience) and 50 years of age at the time of nomination.
  • Demonstrated loyalty to building and supporting the confectionery industry through active participation over and above job requirements.
  • Significant contributions to the educational and/or professional development of the industry and its initiatives and programs.
  • Must attend the Candy Hall of Fame Induction Event.
  • Unimpeachable record of integrity and respect.
  • A current NCSA member.
  • If retired or deceased, the nomination must be within two years of either event.

Congratulations, Douglas Simons. I attended a fundraising event over the weekend and the silent auction item receiving the highest bids was a box of Enstrom Toffee. For that matter, the only thing my dad ever asked for on Christmas and birthdays was Enstrom Toffee. Congratulations on your well-deserved induction into the Candy Hall of Fame.

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