Did you know you don't have to talk about religion or politics to get under someone's skin in Grand Junction?

Lots of Ways To Ruffle Feathers In Grand Junction

While sharing your personal political views or debating what's right or wrong about religion can stir up heated dialogue, there are plenty of other things out there to raise the ire of Grand Junction residents. People who aren't from here eventually learn what pushes the buttons of Grand Junctionites.

Sometimes it's the words we use that can lead to trouble and conflict. Offense can be taken at nearly every turn - and there are people who are offended as easily as the chilly spring runoff flows down the Colorado River.

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Have You Seen Some Middle-Finger Love On North Avenue?

There are occasions when someone's actions can cause an uprising of emotion and a strong reaction. It's something you might witness on your drive home when you see a thoughtless and discourteous driver get shown some middle-finger love by the recipient of their actions.

At times, things are said and done that might not actually make us mad, but we could feel some minor irritation and annoyance. Quite often, the things we get bent out of shape over aren't all that big of a deal. Honesty, I think there are some people who take pleasure in getting mad about something.

13 Ways to Make a Grand Junctionite's Blood Boil

While we could make the list much longer, here's a look at 13 things that will just irritate the living daylights out of Grand Junction residents. Are you the irritated or the irritatee?

15 Facts About Grand Junction, Colorado That Not Everyone Knows

The next time you are enjoying Happy Hour with friends you can wow them with some lesser-known facts about Grand Junction by scrolling through the photo gallery below. Can you think of a fun fact about Grand Junction that most people don't know?

25 Reasons Why Grand Junction Colorado Is A Good Place to Live

Grand Junction isn't perfect, but it's definitely one of the best places to live in Colorado and there are many things that make it great. Here are 25 things that make Grand Junction a good place to live.


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