Grand Junction dogs will be looking for alternative places for recreation over the next several months.

Good News, Bad News For Dog Park Enthusiasts

First of all, the bad news. Two sections of the Dog Park at Las Colonias will be closing on October 10 and can't be used again until June of next year. The good news is two sections will remain open.

The east side and middle sections of the off-leash dog park will be closing, while the two woodchip dog parks on the west side will remain open all winter. One of those sections is for older and small dogs and the other section is reserved for active and large dogs.

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Why Are the Grand Junction Dog Park Sections Closing?

There is actually a good reason for closing sections of the park. Every year, the city dog parks rotate opening and closing in an effort to keep the grass and soil healthy for the following year. The city says this is done to maintain the health, quality, and longevity of the turf which struggles to recover from the impacts of heavy use when the grass is dormant in the fall, winter, and early spring. Without the rotation, the grass would simply die and the area would become dirt and mud

More Good News For Dogs

So, yes, there is more good news. The dog park at Canyon View will remain open all year and will be able to handle increased traffic as a result of the turf closers at Las Colonias.

Dog Park Reminders

Here are a couple of reminders for those using the dog parks. If you know your dog is anti-social and doesn't get along well with other pets, by all means, don't bring your dog to the public dog park. And while you are there, be sure you keep an eye on your pooch and make sure you can control him at all times - for his safety as well as the safety of other doggie visitors.

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