Over the course of our lives, we more than likely find ourselves working numerous jobs. Not only that, but when we first enter the workforce as teenagers or young adults, we typically don't have the most glamourous jobs.

As time goes on, things like experience, college education, and certifications help us acquire better jobs that often pay more and are less strenuous on our bodies. However, regardless of where we end up in our working lives, we never forget how we got where we are and the less-glamourous jobs that we worked along the way.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Grand Junction residents what the most difficult jobs they've ever had have been and got all kinds of responses citing all kinds of tough jobs.

Grand Junction Residents Share their Most Physically Demanding Jobs

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Many of the responses to my question were in reference to jobs that are especially physically demanding. One field that came up multiple times was the oil and gas industry. It's no secret that working in the oil fields is quite physically demanding and was cited as the most difficult job for multiple people.

Other physically demanding jobs that were listed as the toughest included things like working at a roof truss factory, loading sacks of beans on pallets, and working on a farm, to name a few.

Grand Junction Residents Share their Most Mentally Demanding Jobs

Other difficult jobs that were named were more psychologically demanding and stressful as opposed to physically demanding. Some of these jobs included working in the healthcare industry, working as a concert promoter, and acting as CEO of a big corporation.

In addition, one job that came up multiple times that is both physically and psychologically demanding is being a parent. Let's not kid ourselves, there is nothing easy about parenting.

Take a look at some of the most difficult jobs that Grand Junction residents have ever had:

Grand Junction Residents Share their Most Difficult Jobs

According to you, these are the most difficult jobs you’ve ever worked.

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