A new report indicates Grand Junction's monthly household expenses are below the national average - and significantly below much of Colorado.

Grand Junction Isn't Cheap, But It Could Be Worse

You always hear people talking about the high cost of living in Grand Junction - but, in reality, it could be a lot worse. There are plenty of places in Colorado and across the country that cost a lot more.

Grand Junction's Household Bills Are Below the State Average

According to a U.S. Utilities Market Size and Household Spending Report for 2022 released by Doxo, the average household in Grand Junction pays $1,835 a month for the 10 most common household bills. That figure is 8.4% lower than the national average, and 18.5% lower than the state average of $2, 251.

When it comes to household expenses, Grand Junction ranks as the 37th most expensive city in Colorado. I would have expected Grand Junction to rank higher on the list.

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How Do Your Monthly Bills Compare?

The report looks at the average monthly payment of typical bills in Grand Junction. Your particular bills may come in above or below these averages. The number for health insurance seems awfully low to me.

Auto Loans...........$440
Health Insurance...$192
Auto Insurance......$173
Life Insurance........$63

According to the report, utility bills across the country were up about 7% in the third quarter of the year and the U.S. Energy Information Administration says we can expect power prices to increase as the weather gets colder.

Utility bills in Grand Junction are averaging $278 per month - up 11.9% from a year ago. The average in Colorado is $295 for utilities compared to the national average cost of $328 per month. Utilities include electric, gas, water and sewer, waste, and recycling.

Turn Down the Thermostat and Bundle Up

One way to save little on utilities this winter is keeping the thermostat a little lower than normal and compensating by throwing on a sweater or extra layer when you're hanging out around the house. I like to keep a blanket throw handy when I'm watching television.

You might not feel motivated right now to turn down the thermostat, but that motivation might come after you see the first utility bill of the winter.

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Grand Junction is the largest city between Denver and Salt Lake City with a population of just under 64,000. Over the years, Grand Junction has steadily increased in size. While its growth has slowed in recent years, the population has more than doubled since 1990. The following graphics show how Grand Junction has grown over the last 130 years.

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