Have you ever done anything crazy in the name of love? We all have. Here are a few examples straight out of Grand Junction, Colorado.

I asked on Facebook, "What's the craziest thing you've ever done for someone you love? Here's what you had to say.

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Crazy Things That Happen When You Love Someone

The website Elite Daily published a list of ten "crazy, weird symptoms" you might experience when falling in love. They include:

  • Your hormones go wild (duh)
  • You wake up and go to sleep thinking of someone other than yourself
  • You smile when you're alone
  • You become a little obsessive
  • You do embarrassing things (see below)
  • You do things outside of your comfort zone
  • You suddenly care more about your appearance (check for eye boogers)
  • You sing
  • You go out of your way
  • You go blind (Love blinds you to faults and screwups, and even when you do notice them, you’re quick to forgive because your love can do no wrong)

Waylon Takes The Low Road

It seems I'm a bad guy. When asking the question, "What the craziest thing you've ever done for someone you love?" I took the cynical stance and thought in terms of negatives. I was expecting you to echo my thoughts, namely "Put up with their garbage" or "Married their stupid a@#."

As it turns out, many of you have done awesome, sincere, amazingly thoughtful things for the people you love.

My bad. Oops.

Love Does Make Us Do Weird Things

Do you remember back in 2007 when an American astronaut got busted after having driven 900 miles to Florida, wearing a pair of diapers and packing a BB gun and pepper spray, in an attempt to confront her ex-lover's new girlfriend? We're talking about a woman who was a NASA astronaut, a crewmember of Space Shuttle Discovery, and a United States Navy Captain.

Grand Junction Has It Going On

Hey, Grand Junction, you're really thoughtful. It seems as though some go to unimaginable lengths, even driving halfway across Colorado, to do something to brighten another's day.

One such example, one too long to fit in the gallery below, comes from Sunshine, a past KEKB contest winner. Sunshine writes:

A final in one of your valentine contests....in 2001 or 2002. It was more my husband that was running around in your parking lot. He had valentine boxers on with a sign he made stating he loves me (yelling out loud) confessing his love for me. I just joined him part way through, with my valentine sleep ware on pouring chocolate and whip cream on him to lick it off. All to complete the.... "I love you so much I would...." contest. All on air in front of an audience! It was the sweetest thing because he is very shy. - Sunshine via Facebook

The Craziest Things Grand Junction Has Done In The Name of Love

Do you remember when a NASA astronaut got busted after driving across the country in a diaper, armed with pepper spray and a BB gun, and assaulting her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend? People do weird stuff in the name of love. I asked on Facebook, "What's the craziest thing you've ever done for someone you love?"

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