Are you familiar with the medical offices located at the corner of 5th and North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado? Do you remember when we used to go there for a Double Bacon Beast Burger?

This medical building has been a number of things over the years. In one of its previous incarnations, it was a hip place for Grand Junction High School students of the 1980s to visit for lunch.

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Medical Office at 5th and North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado

If you swing by 525 North Avenue, you'll find Grand Junction Family Medicine. The building is home to medical offices, a Dermatologist, and a massage therapist. Personally, I go to this building once every five or six weeks for a haircut at Images Salon.

Let's Go Back In Time to Grand Junction 1987

If you were living in Grand Junction in the late 1980s, you didn't go to this building for a physical. You went here for lunch.

When I was a pimply-faced teenager at Grand Junction High School in 1987, we'd walk across North Avenue to visit this location at lunchtime. Back then it was a Hardee's. You know, Hardee's, the home of the Double Star w/ Cheese and the Doule Bacon Beast Burger.

Hardees Introduces New 1,400 Calorie Hamburger
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At some point during my lackluster high school career, the powers that be constructed a Hardee's right across from Martin Mortuary. It wasn't there when I started high school back in the dark ages of 1985. It was there by my Junior year. This place would pack out during lunch breaks.

One popular technique adopted by the students of GJHS involved going to Hardee's to have lunch, but instead of purchasing something off of their menu, you brought your own lunch. Before long signs went up in the windows stating "Those Dining In Our Restaurant Must Purchase Our Food."

Fast Forward About A Decade Or So

By the early 2000s this location became known as Bourbon Street. It was a very popular bar/nightclub. We used to do remotes from this bar almost every Friday night. We broadcasted out that building so frequently we eventually installed a permanent Marti (transmitter) in a closet, and then mounted a UHF antenna on the roof.

After the bar closed, the building became a handful of businesses, at one time a realty office. Check out this Google Maps image from 2008.

525 North Avenue Grand Junction Colorado 2008
Google Maps

Wow, that's crystal clear. That little Google Maps car has come a long way since 2008.

Repurposing Buildings In Grand Junction Colorado

It's amazing to me how a building can be remodeled and converted into another business. The house I was born in had at one point in time been a barn belonging to the Harbert family (Harbert Lumber). I once got a massage in the very space that used to be my grandpa's darkroom at the old Daily Sentinel building on Main Street.

Little did we know in 1987 that our favorite lunchtime hangout Hardee's would one day be home to medical offices, a massage parlor, and a salon. It's a little weird getting your hair cut in the spot which used to house the deep fryer at Hardee's.

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