Do you remember the first movie you ever saw in a theater? I certainly can't. It seems many in Western Colorado can, though.

I asked on Facebook, "What was the first movie you saw in theaters?" Here's what moviegoers from Grand Junction, Fruita, Clifton, Palisade, Montrose, and other Western Colorado communities had to say.

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At What Age Do Kids Start Going To The Movie Theater?

If you're in my age group, you can recall a time when we used to go to theaters. There were no DVDs, VHS tapes, or any other home video options. If you wanted to see a movie, you went to the movie theater.

The website Romper asked the question, "In general, what's the best age to take a kid to the movies for the first time and actually enjoy the experience?" Their response reads, " looks like a lot of kids see their first movie in the theater around the age of three or four, as explained in Common Sense Media."

A Few Popular Examples

A couple of people replied with Mary Poppins during the film's original run. That was 1964. Several said Star Wars. That was 1977.

If I really think about it, the first movie I can recall seeing at a theater would have been "The Gumball Rally" back in 1976. If you're not familiar with it, the film was the predecessor to "The Cannonball Run." Some might argue it was drastically better. Looking back, I believe it played at the Cooper Theater in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado.

Will We Continue Going To Theaters For Movies?

The official webpage for AARP asked the question, "Is 2022 the year We All Go Back to the Movie Theater?" According to AARP, a recent study by The Quorum, a film research firm, found that nearly half of people who bought theater tickets prior COVID have since stopped going to theaters. They add roughly eight percent of past moviegoers say they don't plan to return.

These Were the First Movies We Saw in Theaters

Do you recall the first movie you saw in a theater? I can't. I asked on social media, "What was the first movie you saw in theaters?" These are some of the responses coming in from Western Colorado.

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