I always thought there was a date on the milk jug for a reason, but recently I have begun to have my doubts, and I wondered if anyone else has had a problem with chunky milk in Grand Junction.

The problem started about a month ago when I started to pour milk on my bowl of granola only to find that I was pouring out CHUNKS of milk. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do know that milk is not supposed to be chunky. Do you know how disgusting chunky milk looks and smells?

So I looked at the date on the milk jug - and the date was a week into the future, and I'm like "what the - ?" It shouldn't be bad. Sadly, my bowl of granola was ruined. I wiped away my tears and poured myself another bowl of granola, and ate it dry.

I get to the store eventually to buy another gallon of milk. A week later -- same thing. Chunky milk.The date on the milk jug at that point was a week into the future. It shouldn't be bad. Fortunately for me, because of the last week's experience I checked for chunks BEFORE pouring the milk.

I am thinking to myself, this is so weird.

So, next time at the store I get another gallon of milk. Guess what? Same thing. After a week of usage -- and an expiration date a week into the future - the milk is bad again for the third consecutive week.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

As a result of these bad milk experiences I have, at least temporarily, switched from non-fat skim milk to 1% - and so far, I have not had any problems with the milk going bad early.

It got me wondering, though, if anyone else had experienced this sort of problem with their milk lately. I would like to go back to drinking skim milk, but I am paranoid. I do not like chunky milk. Chunky milk is not my friend.



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