Grand Junction man shows what the Holidays are all about.

From our great friends at KKCO, this story continues to grow. It is even reaching across the globe.

Most have heard this story about Johnny 'Thumper' Duckworth, a bus boy at Randy's Southside Diner, who turned in $3,000 he came across on the floor of the North Avenue restaurant.

But, the reason this story continues is that people here in Grand Junction, across the country and even globally, have not stopped thanking Johnny for showing us the true meaning of the Holiday season.

Randy Emmons owner of the diner, innocently started a GoFundMe account in Johnny's name, never thinking it would rise to where it has.The goal to begin with was $3,000. Well, in less than a week, it has surpassed $15,000 and still growing.

Call it Karma, paying it forward, or whatever, it's a true Grand Junction Hoilday miracle.

To leave a 'tip' for Johnny, you can log on to the GoFundMe account here: