What makes the Gold Apple Watch worth 10 grand? See for yourself.

The fewer pricey versions of the watch do pretty much everything the gold watch does except cost a lot of money. Is there really enough gold in the watch to create that much of a difference in price? Do people who spend that kind of money on a watch really care?

If you haven't figured it out by now, the only thing that makes the Gold Apple Watch worth $10,000 is because Apple says so - and there are people who either believe it or are so wealthy they don't really care how much it costs.

Based on a recent CNET review, when the watches go on sale in April, they will range in price from $349 to $17,000. Yeah, they're cool, but most of us would opt for the fewer expensive models and spend the other 10 or 15 grand on something more substantial, like mortgage payments, for instance.

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