If you grew up in the vinyl record era you may have seen or owned one of these amazing Soundwagon Musical Toys. If not, see one in action right here.

Because of copyright laws, I couldn't let you hear the actual record being played, but trust me, this is not a great record player. It is an awesome toy and fascinated everyone at the KOOL 107.9 studios that saw it in action.

The model demonstrated is the vintage Soundwagon made by Tamco. However, Soundwagon Stokyo sells a similar design new through distributors worldwide. Retail is roughly $99 if you can find someone who actually has one in stock.

If you're lucky enough to own one of the original models of this toy and it's in mint condition, you might want to hang on to it. While they don't get listed on internet sites often, the last time I saw one it was over $200. They originally cost about one-tenth that amount.