Voters in Grand Junction made it clear that it is time for the rubber to hit the road and those roads need to be in much better shape.

Passage of Ballot Measure 2B allows Grand Junction to use money from the Riverside Parkway Debt Retirement Fund for road projects. Residents will get better roads and also plenty of 'cone zones' while all this work is being done. How much of a dent in the pothole population this will make has yet to be seen, but with 63% of voters saying yes, the city should consider complete eradication to appease the masses.

Ballot Measure 2A which was primarily about renovating Two Rivers Convention Center along with the building of an event center got a solid 71% no vote. I heard a huge sigh of relief from a mass of Grand Junction residents and the city of Montrose, who is actively trying to build their own event center.

I'm pretty confident the Montrose event center will become a reality. They already have an awesome water park, and an enviable recreation center to prove they can make things happen.

City Council District A race went to incumbent Phyllis Norris, but did you notice that challenger Jesse Daniels received 40% of the vote? In my opinion, a young unknown getting that many votes makes a statement. Time will tell, but this could be a sign of future change in perspective and philosophy.

City Council District B challenger C.E. Duke Wortman upset incumbent Marty Chazen. Plenty of Chazen's fiscal fans turned out to vote giving him 42%, but to me, Wortman's win (58%),  says voters want to move the city in a slightly different direction. Not to put pressure on Wortman, but people are watching to see what he can do for the city.

City Council District E candidate Duncan McArthur ran unopposed. His constituents must be comfortable with him and no one else thought they could do it better, so McArthur takes the win in stride and continues to serve on the Council.

City Council At-Large remains in the hands of the incumbent, Rick Taggart. His challenger, C. Lincoln Pierce, did the best he could against a favored foe. My best explanation for the outcome of this race is the proverbial 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

That's my two cents worth. Now it's your turn.

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