If you want to prove you're an insensitive jerk, this is the perfect way to do it.

The Broadnax family has enough to worry about after their husband and father, Michael, suffered a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair. Now, their neighborhood Homeowners Association is threatening to sue them for installing a wheelchair ramp.

Sure, the family didn't follow the rules by getting permission and approval from the HOA. But, no one from the HOA took the time to find out why a wheelchair ramp was installed before having a lawyer send a scathing letter to the family threatening legal action.

Now that the Broadnax's dilemma is public, those involved with the threatening letter are looking like a bunch of mean-spirited idiots and are starting a quick backpedal by offering to work with the family on the ramp issue.

Not only has the HOA raised the ire of the community, but since Michael Broadnax is a Pastor, there may be future consequences from a higher authority. Let's face it, no judge with any sensibility is going to let an HOA prevent someone with a disability from having reasonable access to his own home.

If you thought I was going somewhere else with that comment, yes, there's that possibility, too.

The lesson - Sometimes it doesn't matter if the action is right. What does matter is whether or not you're ready to deal with the consequences of that action. The HOA failed to take that into account.


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