Driving to Telluride is pretty cool, but being inside the cockpit of an airplane on approach to Telluride Airport is completely fascinating and even cooler.

Telluride Airport is the second highest airport in the nation with an elevation of 9,069. which presents a number of challenges for pilots flying in. The mountainous terrain, the thin mountain air, plus unpredictable wind gusts keep pilots on their toes when flying into one of western Colorado's most popular destinations.

Pilot Colin Prenger takes us inside the cockpit of his 2016 Cessna Cirrus SR22T G5 as he glides into Telluride. Prenger talks about the challenges of landing in Telluride, current conditions, and what his strategy is to ensure a successful landing based on those conditions.

Of course, it's pretty cool flying over the mountains, but so is being inside the cockpit watching a skilled pilot at work.

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